qrc:/main.qml:9 "gui/delegates/UePeopleItemDelegate.qml": no such directory error

  • I have a Qt Creator project (Qt/QML) that resided in /home/markofr/projects/ueBlagajnaClient. Now, inside this project I have following structure:Project files structure. Now, if I try to import UePeopleItemDelegate.qml int main.qml as in following code:

    import QtQuick 2.4
    import QtQuick.Controls 1.3
    import QtQuick.Window 2.2
    import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.2
    import QtMultimedia 5.0
    import QtQuick.Layouts 1.0
    import QtTest 1.1
    import "gui/delegates/UePeopleItemDelegate.qml" as UePersonItemDelegate
        id: ueWindowMain
        title: qsTr("TestApp")
        width: 512//Screen.desktopAvailableWidth
        height: 512//Screen.desktopAvailableWidth
        visible: true
        opacity: 1.0
        contentOrientation: Qt.LandscapeOrientation
        color: "black"
        ListView {
            id: uePeopleListView
            snapMode: ListView.SnapToItem
            highlightRangeMode: ListView.ApplyRange
            anchors.right: parent.right
            anchors.rightMargin: 0
            anchors.bottom: parent.top
            anchors.bottomMargin: -128
            anchors.left: parent.left
            anchors.leftMargin: 0
            anchors.top: parent.top
            anchors.topMargin: 0
            orientation: ListView.Horizontal
            flickableDirection: Flickable.HorizontalFlick
            antialiasing: true
            delegate: UePersonItemDelegate
            model: ListModel {
                ListElement {
                    name: "Grey"
                    colorCode: "grey"
                ListElement {
                    name: "Red"
                    colorCode: "red"
                ListElement {
                    name: "Blue"
                    colorCode: "blue"
                ListElement {
                    name: "Green"
                    colorCode: "green"

    Now, when I run this app, I get following error (in runtime, the code compiles and builds without problems):
    qrc:/main.qml:9 "gui/delegates/UePeopleItemDelegate.qml": no such directory
    How do I correctly import custom qml?

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    @MarkoSan Following are the 2 ways to do it correctly,

    • If loading main.qml from resource (i.e qrc)
      for eg. engine.load(QUrl(QStringLiteral("qrc:/main.qml")));
      You will need to add the complete path so that the main.qml file in qrc is able to find it. For eg.

      import "file:///home/someusername/gui/delegates" //import using complete path
      UePeopleItemDelegate {  //using the loaded Component
    • If loading main.qml directly i.e from some local path
      for eg. engine.load(QUrl(QStringLiteral("main.qml"))). Note no qrc
      Here you can use the relative path in main.qml

      import "./gui/delegates" //import using relative path
      UePeopleItemDelegate {  //using the loaded Component

      Assuming the directory gui is present in same location that of main.qml as we have used "."

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