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Forum Login Problem

  • Hello, since yesterday my indentity has changed here. I cant unserstand why.

    Before I was Andy314, but during the last login yesterday I got the message Andy314 exist and the system gave me the Name Andy314139 automatically, without inserting a new password.
    Now, all my setting and connections to the threads are lost !

    By the way I cant really understand the login page. There is only a simple Button "Alternative Loging". I can insert nowhere am Username or Password.
    Can somebody explane me what happens?
    Please administrator can you reset my old Login?

  • Ok, I found Andy314 is still existant, I have only an additional login now.
    The basic problem therefore is, that I find nowhere on the login page a field to insert my old login name. The page consist only of a simple button - alternative login.
    How works this page ????

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    @tekojo Can you look at that ?

  • @SGaist

    The link works not.
    Oh no!
    It's the dreaded 404 page-not-found page

    Something is wrong with my login. Maybe the problem is that I have changed my email in the Andy314 login. Is this new mail my new login or the old - anyway the new email does not work as well.

  • @Andy314 I changed your login mail back to Andy 314.

    If you want to use your proper work mail as your login, you need to create a Qt Account with it, and then ping me, so I can change the login on Andy314 to use that Qt Account.

    Using a central authentication system has this problem when users can change their email on the forum. Accidentally locking yourself out of your account is possible...

  • @tekojo
    thank you very much - I am happy now.
    My old email is ok for me as well, I didnt expected such a problem from the renaming.

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