Access all dialogs of application

  • Hi there

    I've been developing a multilingual application that could change ui language in runtime. I do this:
    namespace Global
    extern Application* application;
    extern QList<QWidget*> allDialogs;
    and connected change language slots to corresponding slots (they call Global::application->installTranslator... ).
    everything works: all of dialogs are translated during runtime.
    Also directions of all dialog need to be changed for RTL languages like Arabic and Persian. Couldn't find a way to access all dialogs and main windows of an application, so I add them in their ctors to a global QList<QWidget*> and setLayoutDirection(Qt::RightToLeft) there.

    Is there a better way to access all dialogs and their children and children of children and .... ?

  • you can use QWidgetList QApplication::topLevelWidgets ()

  • And for none-top Levels?
    Is it possible to iterate over a structure (perhaps something like STL iterators) to visit each dialog in program?

  • The non-toplevels are children of toplevels, iterate over the QObject::children() list or use the QObject::findChildren() methods to find children of a certain type (class).

  • Thank you. It works well.

    I write a subclass of QDialog and add retranslateUI method to it. that method simply calls ui->retranslateUi(). I subclass all my dialogs from it. iterating over children of main window of type DialogProxy*, program calls that method:
    QList<DialogProxy*> list = this->findChildren<DialogProxy*>();
    for(int i=0; i<list.size(); i++)>retraslateUI();
    when clicking on the change language menu item all open dialogs are translated.

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