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Can't load Qt-project created on Windows in Qt Creator on Mac OSX

  • I created a Qt-project on Windows (with Qt Creator).

    Now I wanted to take this project to Mac OSX and recompile it but once I load the project I get the message:

    bq. No valid Qt-versions could be found.
    Please add a valid version at extras/settings or by using the sdk-installation-utility.
    (I freely translated this text).

    What's wrong here?

  • Have you installed qt library or only qt creator?

  • I installed both. self-compiled Qt SDK 1.1 and Qt Creator 2.2

  • Assuming you are using Qt Creator 2.2:

    Do you have a valid Qt version set up (Check Tools->Options->Qt4)?

    Do you have a tool chain set up (Check Tools->Options->Tool chains) that can be used for that Qt version? Having some arm-linux cross-compiler set up will not work with a MacOS Qt anymore:-)

    You need both to compile a Qt project.

  • A valid Qt-version is set.

    EDIT: When I start Qt Creator via Bash it works.
    So it seems although I set the PATH environment variable for all GUI apps in environment.plist AND Qt Creator shows it under Qt versions, it still can't compile with it for some reasons.

    I filed a bug-report for this:

  • I recommend adding the Qt manually in the settings dialog. This works without having Qt in any of the PATH variables. This is the way I use since the very first preview release of Creator :-) I never had a "Qt in PATH" in use.

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