Can't compile QT 5.5.1 for Android on MacOSX

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to compile qt 5.5.1 for android on mac osx in order to have the pull-to-refresh functionnality ( because it's broken in 5.5.0 ) but I get an error . "make" returns me :

    arm-linux-androideabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-mmacosx-version-min=10.7'
    I'm building for mac osx 10.10, with ndk version r10e ..

    Here is my configure command line :

    ./configure -xplatform android-g++ -nomake tests -nomake examples -android-ndk /Users/John/Android/android-ndk-r10e -android-sdk /Users/John/Android/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20140321/sdk -android-ndk-host darwin-x86_64 -android-toolchain-version 4.9 -skip qttranslations -skip qtwebkit -skip qtserialport -skip qtwebkit-examples -no-warnings-are-errors -opensource -confirm-license

    I just follow this guide : ..
    I get the same issue by compiling the Qt 5.5.0 release sources ..

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