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Visual Studio Adding Seperate Build Folder

  • Is there anyway to specify a separate folder for the build/SLN/and project files using the VS adding? I don't like how it takes over the source folder.


  • Hi
    There are 2 places to direct the output.
    The Qt Project settings for a project allows you specify where the output of moc, uic and rcc is written.
    The VS project settings allow you to specify where the object files etc are placed

    Hope this helps

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I was after something in between. I want to be able to specify the location of the .sln and the .vcxproj files. By default it does them inline with the qt sources, which gets very messy once VS starts building. I like how qt creator separates the source and build all together. [and by build i mean the object files as well as the makefiles/VS slns to build those objects].

    I couldn't find the option in the VS Addin so I got it working with something like this:

    qmake -tp vc -r -o ..\build\SOLUTION.sln

    It then built, in a folder outside source. I treat the SLN file as a temporary and just re-gen whenever I feel.

    Might help someone if they face the same problem.

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