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Temporary file extracted before installation?

  • Hi, I am using IFW as the main installation tool in my application but in order to guide the process properly I would like to have some checks done on the computer prior to selecting the packages. Things like e.g., verifying program license, nothing that is built into IFW out of the box. I have a small utility that does it but I don't find a way to have it included in the installation and extracted out of the archive before components to be installed are selected.
    From the workflow point of view I would like to do the following:

    1. Start the installer, go through the usual welcome, select directory pages, etc.
    2. Before component selection I need to have a program extracted from the archive (or otherwise accessible) and execute it from within the installer to check return values.
    3. Change the package selection based on the outcome.

    Any help is appreciated as far as point 2 on the list. I don't find in the documentation information how to do it.


  • I have not used IFW, but have you seen this page and this page ? Also, this example may provide some help.

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