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Packages for correct QtConnectivity compile with bluez_le

  • If i try to compile the qtconnectivity modul, the bluez_le feature is marked with "no". only the normal bluez is suported. did i have missing packages for the bluez_le feature?

    i use the newest qt5.5 source code, working on ubuntu and have the following packages already installed:
    libfontconfig1-dev libsqlite3-dev libxslt1-dev libssl-dev bluetooth bluez-utils libbluetooth-dev

    anyone missing for the bluez_le feature?

    EDIT: installed is bluez 4.99 and it seems it doesnt suppoert bluetooth low energy devices. i try it with a compiled bluez 4.101 version now
    EDIT: bluez 4.101 installed, but qmake for the qtconnectivity modul say: "Checking for bluez_le... no" again... what could be the problem?

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