No pages buttons anymore ? (win,linux, chrome,firefox and internet exploiter)

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    For the last few days there have been no page buttons.
    I tried different pc and os-es and browsers. Same result.

    Currently in "Desktop" there is only showing one entry ?!

    What is wrong ?

    Do any of you have page buttons and not being on OSX ?

  • Same here; every forum just displays some recent posts... and I can't page to anything earlier.

    At one point something gave me the impression it thinks I'm on a mobile device and wants to serve up one of those infinite scrolling pages (fine with touch... but with scrollbars, not so much...)... ah yes, in fact the QtQuick forum is doing that successfully, but the desktop and mobile ones are "stuck" and never show more posts.

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    Oh that is sort of good to hear, as I was not sure I ever saw them :)
    I tried different pcs and with or with being logged in and its seems not be a fault in the client as its
    for all browsers.

    As far as I understand the buttons are there if using safari on osx :)

    How can endless scrolling work in one group but fail in another ??!?

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    Hi guys,

    Bug report opened here

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    Thank you. I also tried firefox in ubuntu and it has same issue.

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