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open pdf file in creator project ?

  • Is thee a way to add existing pdf file to creator project and view it as pdf not as binary ?
    Is this possible with odt-files (OpenOffice, LibreOffice) ?

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    I wanted that too for design docs etc but never found a way to open with external program
    by just double clicking.

    So I instead I right click and "Show in Explorer" and then click it.
    You can also choose Open With -> System editor.

    Not what I wanted but better than not having access from project.

  • "Show in Explorer" <- Windows Explorer ?
    thanks for reply

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    Yes it open a window where file is.
    So I keep the files in a Doc folder which I have included and
    can get to it fast that way.

    In linux is something like "File Manager"

    Also, right click and Open With -> System editor open the program directly but i find it a bit of a hassle to open sub menu when I open more than one doc :)

    ps. I tried all combination of ctrl/shift/alt while clicking but no luck.

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    Not a solution but more info on the issue:
    If you go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> MIME Types you can see the list of registered MIME types (including Application/pdf) and handlers associated with them. What is missing is the ability to change the default specified there. This is mentioned in e.g. QTCREATORBUG-13880, but it seems the issue has no momentum, so you might leave a comment there or give a shout to the mailing list to bring some attention to it.

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    Oh that is very good info.
    I tried to use my forum login but it seems
    Qt Bug Tracker uses it own system ?

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