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Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: serialport

  • I have managed to build a static Qt kit so that I could build my application as a standalone. Please refer to the link for more detail

    However when I wanted to use QtSerialPort in my project by adding the following to my project .pro file

    • QT += core gui serialport

    The QtCreator screams an error saying

    • Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: serialport

    I tried various suggestion to build the static QtSerialPort project to unavail. Just for information, the QtSerialPort .pro file is residing in C:\Qt\5.5_static\qtserialport. However the content in the .pro file is just

    lessThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 5) {
    message("Cannot build current QtSerialPort sources with Qt version $${QT_VERSION}.")
    error("Use at least Qt 5.0.0 or try to download QtSerialPort for Qt4.")

    which I don't think that it can be build. Does anyone has any idea on how to get QtSerialPort works with a static built Qt kit?

  • I managed to resolve the issue I encountered and here some information of my setup:

    • QtCreator installed to C:\Qt\5.5
    • Qt opensource installed to C:\Qt\5.5_static
    • MinGW installed to C:\MinGW

    and following will be the steps:

    1. Execute command prompt
    2. In command prompt, go to directory C:\Qt\5.5_static\qtserialport
    3. In command prompt, run the command qmake
    4. In command prompt, run the command mingw32-make
    5. Run QtCreator, followed by qmake and rebuild existing project that requires QtSerialPort

    Please ensure you have add the necessary to the PATH in order to use the qmake and mingw32-make in command prompt.

    The following setup and steps works for me and hope they will help you in your projects.


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