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Unable to setup Manual Qt Version in latest Qt Creator

  • It used to be that I could go to Qt Creator -> (menu bar) Tools -> Options... -> Build & Run -> Qt Versions and click on "Add" to add a new versions. Then when I point to .\QT_DIR\qtbase\bin\qmake.exe the tool was able to detect whether the configuration was:
    Qt version 5.3.1 for Qt for WinCE
    Qt version 5.3.1 for Qt for Desktop

    Here is a link to what I mean: Comparison Image. I'm using since this forum does not allow storing of image files. Please do not click on the image once the link displays it because has a re-director.

    For some reason the latest version of Qt Creator is unable to detect the the specific qmake.exe is for "Qt version 5.3.1 for Qt for WinCE".

    I am setting up a custom kit to be able to use QML Profiler on a custom board.

    Why would this be?

  • The problem is indicated right above the red rectangles you have placed. You need to have also the appropriate compilers installed. Without compilers you cannot do anything in Qt creator with these versions.

    You have used two different qt creator versions, but it is the same issue, because you refer to the same qmake.

    BTW There is no Qt creator above 3.x out there. You are refering to the Qt lib versions Qt creator is shipped with. Qt creator is an independent IDE with independent version numbering. However, it is typically using the most recent Qt lib versions.

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