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[Solved(By Ignoring)] Installer Build: Could not register file downloader for https protocol

  • Greetings-

    I'm trying to build an installer on Windows for an application I built. When I tun archivegen to try to package the files in my '..\packages\com.vendor.product\data' folder, I get an error which states:

    "Could not register file downloader for https protocol: QSslSocket::supportsSsl() returns false"

    I'm not sure why this comes up, as I'm not using SSLSocket, I do use a TCPSocket, but that is one level above SSLSocket.

    Even if skip archivegen, and go straight to trying binarycreator, I get the same error.

    Any ideas?


    I wend ahead and just ignored the error, the installer is still created, and the software works fine, including the parts that utilize TCPSocket.

  • Which version of the installer framework are you using?

  • @koahnig I am using 2.0.1