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QGroupBox: sunken frame problem

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to make a QGroupBox have a deeper, sunken frame without success. SetFrameStyle seems unavailable in 4.7 and setStyleSheet("border-style: inset;") makes the QGroupBox disappear, even if it's background color is different from the mainWindow.

    So, is there another way?


  • In order for the border to show up, try giving it a value for the width as shown below. Does that help?

    @box->setStyleSheet(" QGroupBox { border-style: inset; border: 1px solid black;}");@

    Also, perhaps using QFrame instead of QGroupBox makes it easier to achieve what you want?

  • Thanks for the QFrame suggestion. QFrame allows me to use the setFrameStyle and setLineWidth. This makes the frame deeper.

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