How can I make my .exe run on webpage?

  • I have a domain name. How can I make an .exe run on a page of it.
    Is there any blogging service which allows that?

  • Hello,

    first how is this related to Qt? Or even to C++?
    Then, most server run Linux, therefore your exe won't most probably run at all on the target host. Finally, what do you mean by running an exe on a webpage? This doesn't make much sense to me... Do you mean printing the output on a webpage? This could be achieved by using a few lines of PHP for instance.

  • My application is a surveillance application which contains four QMediaPlayers to view the cameras. Presently it is a desktop application. I mean how can I put this application on the internet, like if I open the webpage I should be able to see those cameras. Upload the whole application onto a webpage, if that makes any sense to you.

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    I don't think you fully understand how web pages work. You can't run exes in your browser. Apart from multiplatform issue @JohanSolo mentioned that would be huge, huge security hole.

    The things you can do are:

    • Put the exe on the page as a download. The user would download it to his computer, install it (if needed) and run locally.
    • Rewrite the app as a web service, i.e. it would run on the server, generate html for the user requests and stream the video.

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