[SOLVED] Problem creating multi-frame application

  • After i create a frame, resize it to the application size, when i try to add second frame, instead of being two frames on centralWidget, there are just frame, and frame_2 is inside frame. How can i fix this and move also frame_2 to centralWidget?
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/4cbsTSt.png

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    Hi and welcome
    Make sure when you drag the frame_2 to hit the centralwidget and not frame_1

    So its easier to drag both to central in small size and then scale them after.

    Or you should also be able to drag frame_2 to the status bar in button and have assigned to central.

    Or could Right click central widget and add a horz/vert layout. Then when you drag to it, it will show a little line of where it will insert.

  • The problem is that i need to make first frame, full size, and after it's done, i would need to do the frame2 when frame1 is finished. Also, on the design page how i could hide frame2 and show only frame1 and then hide frame1 and show only frame2? Like this on java: https://youtu.be/ZDTEqbp8AWQ

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    Ahh have a look at the Stacked Widget.
    It has pages (right click to add) and will make it easier to manage than putting frames on top of
    each other.

    You can stack 2 frames on top but it will be annoying to edit and manage.
    You could set the size of frames in the property editor to the left
    an and that way make both frames be size of window. ( type geometry)

    Hope it helps

  • @mrjj Yep, that's it, tried now the Stacked Widget and it did what i wanted. Thank you.

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