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Static library linking

  • Hello guys, :)

    I would like to link the libraries in my qmake file statically, especially for windows! I tried everything I know and I googled it, but the solutions I found didn't work. Could anyone tell me what's wrong with my qmake file?



    Project created by QtCreator 2011-05-05T14:45:42


    QT += core gui
    QT += opengl

    DEPENDPATH += ../../libsrc
    INCLUDEPATH += ../../libsrc
    DEPENDPATH += ../../fft
    INCLUDEPATH += ../../fft

    TARGET = BlochSim
    TEMPLATE = app

    CONFIG += warn_off
    CONFIG += static

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS += mainwindow.h

    unix:LIBS += -lrt
    unix:LIBS += -lm
    unix:LIBS += -lpthread
    unix:LIBS += -lgsl
    unix:LIBS += -lgslcblas

    win32:DEPENDPATH += ../../libsrc/gsl/gsl-win-1.8
    win32:DEPENDPATH += ../../libsrc/gsl/gsl-win-1.8/lib
    win32:INCLUDEPATH += ../../libsrc/gsl/gsl-win-1.8/include

    win32:LIBS += -L../../libsrc/gsl/gsl-win-1.8/lib
    win32:LIBS += -L../../libsrc/gsl/gsl-win-1.8/bin
    win32:LIBS += -llibgsl
    win32:LIBS += -llibgslcblas


    So after linking statically I expect to be able to execute the program just by having the executable run alone... but it keeps complaining that it doesn't find libgsl.dll. Any ideas?

    Thank you for any efforts :-)

  • are you sure, you have a version of libgsl for static linking?

  • How can I know that?

  • I copied gsl libraries beside the executable, and I got an error with QtCored4.dll... which means, even Qt libraries are not statically linking!

    Any ideas?

  • Have you made a complete build from the qt source package with static flag for configure?
    The qt distribution does not contain static libraries.

  • I'm using QtCreator. Doesn't it do that automatically if I set the correct flags in qmake?

    Does this mean that I always have to have QtCored.dll and some other dlls for Qt with my programs???

  • No, QtCreator does not generate static Qt libraries automatically.

    You have to compile Qt with static in configure as suggested by Gerolf.

    Even without the static libraries you do not need to have Qt dlls with your programs. Typically it is assumed that someone receiving your program has already Qt dlls installed.

  • If you install QtCreator, you have no libraries (it#s only the IDE)
    If you install the SDK, you have the dlls you can use but not libraries for static linking. If you need static linking, please use the search on the forum and the wiki, there were many topics on that one. You have to build Qt for static linkage from the sources. Sorry, there is no other way for statically linked executables.

  • Thank you. I'll see what I can do about it. :-)

  • Be aware of the licensing implications, when linking statically to Qt!

  • Could you please tell me about them? I'm using my programs for the university to create physics simulations!!! I'm not gonna sell them!!

  • Have a look at the tag search, please:

    The base line (I'm not a lawyer!) is, that you most probably have to GPL your code if you do static linking (except in case you use commercial license, of course).

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