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[SOLVED] Again... "Unable to handle unregistered datatype"

  • Hi and sorry for that topic again.

    I get the following errormessage only when I run my application, not when I debug it. When I run it, it really does not work, when I debug it, everything is fine:

    QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'QQmlListProperty<ListObject>' for property 'SchuljahrAssistentMgr::currentSchuljahrList'

    Does anyone have a clue, why it only happens on <CTRL>+<R> but not on F5? Its both a Debug-Build...


    qmlRegisterType<ListObject>("com.stonesoft.qmlcomponents", 1, 0, "ListObject");

    is done in both cases of course!

  • Moderators

    @topse Did you register the component after loading the QML ?

  • Thats it... I did in in a Singleton which is initialized via QML... Just a little confusing now, why it works on "Debug" but not on "Run".

    Thanks for the hint! I never would have been suspicious about the order...


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    @topse That's because debug process takes some time and by then the registration is done while it is still busy processing the qml.

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