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Integration testing with QEvent serialization

  • Hello all!

    I want to create integration test toolkit for my gui app.

    My app will have 3 modes:

    1. Normal mode - app just excuting and doing what must do
    2. Record mode - app executing and doing what must do with recording all system events
    3. Repeat mode - app executing without user participation but with generating user events

    General idea for this tool is recording all system events from user in record mode (such as keyboard typing, mouse clicking) and repeat them in original sequence not from user, but from special unit.

    Main problem that I have - is it possible to save QEvent with true spontaneous flag, without castomization to inhereted class? In other case I will need write wrapper, that will cast all spantaeous events to inhereted class.

    Or may be already exist similar tools or qt library for my target?

    Thank you for attention!

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