[SOLVED] Android's Gallery like widget in Qt

  • Hi

    I'm porting app from android to Qt and I would need some help.

    Is there any similar widget in Qt to android's Gallery widget?


  • Nothing like it in Qt library, maybe you can find something at qt-apps.org or somewhere also in web.

    Also such thing (don't know much about it, only quick googling now) I think can be created not hardly using graphicsview or qml.

  • Yes, QGraphicsView is the way to go. See examples/graphicsview for examples on how to use it.

    Essentially, you need to create a subclass of QGraphicsWidget that will paint the picture and send signals when the user clicks it. And then, add a couple of those to the graphics scene and layout them.

  • I guess that also QListWidget could be used, with movement set to horizontal
    (or QML's ListView).

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