Installer framework online installer can't log into repository over ftp

  • I'm trying to create an online installer for my application. Currently the configuration file I'm using looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Name>Application title</Name>
                 <Url>ftp://[repository url]/repository</Url>
                 <Username>[my username]</Username>
                 <Password>[my password]</Password>
                 <DisplayName>Example repository</DisplayName>

    When I execute the installer, it keeps throwing up the login dialog, telling me "you need to supply a username and password to access this site [repository url]". Inputting any of the usernames and passwords with which I have managed to log in to my ftp server doesn't help. Cancelling stops the install with the message "authentication failed".

    How should I go about solving this?

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