Purpose of sizeHint() and minimumSizeHint() ? (solved)

  • What is the purpose of sizeHint() and minimumSizeHint() ?
    I see it often in widget class
    QSize LED ::sizeHint() const{
    return QSize(diamX_ , diamY_);

    QSize LED ::minimumSizeHint() const {
    return QSize(diamX_, diamY_);

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    sizeHint : const QSize
    This property holds the recommended size for the widget.

    minimumSizeHint : const QSize
    This property holds the recommended minimum size for the widget.

  • So which function takes precedence? sizeHint or minimumSizeHint
    Or user have to explicitly call either function?

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    Both are used
    When the widget is created the system uses sizeHint for how to big to make at start.
    When the widget is resized ( by layout, by user dragging) the minimumSizeHint is used to
    make sure it never becomes smaller than that.

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