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How to recognize chinese keyboard [solved]

  • Hello!

    Is there a way in Qt to determine if the user is writing with a different InputMethod? For Exemple Qt can tell me if they are using pinyin?


  • QInoutMethod class might be of some help.
    What do you plan to do with the information?

  • Hi.
    Thank you for the answer.

    I could not really find such information from QInputMethod...
    Anyway I have a bug in a QTableView + QStyledItemDelegate for the chinese users.
    When the tableview is triggered with QAbstractItemView::EditTrigger::AnyKeyPressed, the key is not sent to pinyin, but directly written in the QLineEdit.

    As a result they have something like this:
    f 啊让人

    the f is the char that fired up my QLineEdit.

  • Well even if there was/is a proper way to query the input method that is in use,
    you would need a really long list of all possible input methods that builds the
    characters from compounds. I think the easiest way would simply to use DoubleClick
    instead if AnyKeyPressed. For me personally it would seem illogical to try to input
    new text to what appears to be a read only field. Even better would simply be to
    activate the edit mode when ever a cell is selected CurrentChanged.

  • Qt currently does not have the capabilities to detect if a key is pressed... the same does not have the capabilities I need.
    So I had to use native code:

    #ifdef Q_OS_WIN
    #include "Windows.h"
    bool MyTableView::edit(const QModelIndex & index, EditTrigger trigger, QEvent * ev)
      if (trigger == AnyKeyPressed)
    #ifdef Q_OS_WIN
        HKL lang_id = GetKeyboardLayout(0); // get the current keyboard layout
        unsigned short prim_lang = LOBYTE(lang_id); //take only the primary language identifier
        switch (bytes.toInt())
          case 0x04: //Chinese
          case 0x11: //Japanese
          /* maybe other future languages that use special input methods */
            //clear current content, then the editor will be open with pinyin activated
            QKeyEvent* toSend = new QKeyEvent(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_Delete, Qt::NoModifier); 
            return QAbstractItemView::edit(index, trigger, toSend);
      return QAbstractItemView::edit (index, trigger, ev);

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