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Some tags cannot be used for search

  • Apparently it is not a good idea to use special characters in forum tags. It is natural to choose "c++11" as a tag when the topic is around the specific standard. The flag has been used in a couple of posts. However, they are not accessible through the tags search. Respectively, they are available and you can choose them, but the subsequent does not report any result. This is not the only tag, but also the others with plus sign in tag.
    Just click on "c++11" used here as tag. Also there is an empty page.

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    I may be wrong but I suspect the + sign to be accidentally used to concatenate C and 11

  • @SGaist
    Yes, I think so too. I just checked JIRA, but found only a very old closed report.
    Just filing a new report.

  • Just added a bug report to JIRA

    Apparently in the previous forum a similar error had been reported but this is already closed.