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Copy ListModel or complete ListView Component

  • I want to "save" a model state within a ListView.

    I fact I have created a navigation tree where you can click on a folder and the content of the listview model will be updated with the content of this folder.

    So, how to backup e.g the parent folder?

    I try to push the list model on a stack with

    stack.push("backup.qml", {listModel: list.model})

    but it seems that it only stores the reference of the model. If the model changes also the "backup" on the stack will change. I need something like a deep copy for qml elements.

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    Hi @sk2212,
    Do you mean you want to copy the contents of a ListModel ?

  • Aye.......

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    @sk2212 Wouldn't iterate and access elements work in your case ? ListModel has methods that can be useful.

  • Hmmm...okay, I think it works now.

    I will create "backup.qml" dynamically with Qt.createComponent() and createObject(root, {listModel: ListModel}).

    After that I access the property listModel in the created component, iterate over the current listModel which should be backuped and append that items in the listModel of the new-created component.

    At the end I push the new-created component on stack to be able to backup more than one "state" of the model.