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Can anyone please suggest how to create own mail server using linux and how to implement security??

  • I want to create my own mail server which is better for being in a public domain can anyone tell me how to start it

  • There a lot of different mail servers available already. Having a responsive Mail-Server implementing all given standards is quite some work. Since there are different security issues to be handled, you may want to read further in the RFC 5322, 1939, 3501, 5321,....

  • to add to NetZwerg
    Surprizingly there is apparently a Mailserver in Qt. However, note that this documentation is for Qt 4.8. You need to check if the developement has been deprecated in Qt 5 or not.

  • @koahnig
    I am sorry, but this is not a mailserver but a DNS-MX-Record for Mailservers and only holds a domain-name/IP and the priority for having fallback - mailservers.

  • @NetZwerg
    Might well be. Just found info by surprize and definitely did not read details.

  • @NetZwerg Sir can u suggest me how to start it because i want to create my own. Please suggest me how to start i am trying to make it in linux

  • @nitishrai I already did, get familiar with the RFC Documents. These describe what has to be implemented. For having some small example-code check the Qt Network Examples.

  • @NetZwerg
    Sir can i have your personal email address ??

  • @nitishrai I would start with a very small SMTP server without encryption. Have a small basic application listen on SMTP-Port, spawning Thread-workers for incoming connection. Workers implement the SMTP Protocoll. After successfully receiving the message let the same thread send the message to the MX-Record-Server via SMTP. Without reading into the protocolls itself you won't get very far. A Mailserver can become a complex system as soon as you implement authentication, encryption, POP*, IMAP, Mail Queuing, Graylisting, Blacklisting, ....

    So just start with a simple non encrypted SMTP Server just receiving SMTP-Emails for your host.

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