How to start the maintenance tool directly with the update page?

  • I wan to start up the maintenance tool directly from my application, to configure updates.
    That means:

    I would like to start up the "maintenance" app without the two options: "uninstall" or "add components"
    The application should startup directly the update page.
    And it should be also not possible to return to the main page.

    How can I check with the maintenanc eapp, that an update is available?
    Something like a command when I start the process: "maintenance --check-for-update"
    And with the return value I know whether an update is available or not

  • Have a look at the Controlscript tutorial.

    There, check if
    and then
    on the introduction page.

    You might want to start the maintenancetool with --updater, so that the update functionality is preselected.

    This should give you a starting point.

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