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[SOLVED] Loading Shared Library in OS-X: dyld: Library not loaded: [...] Reason: no suitable image found.

  • Hi together,

    i have a Qt project with several Sub-Projects. One of these subprojects is loaded as shared library. 1-2 years ago, it was no problem to run this project in OS-X with QtCrator.
    Now, i get following error message:

     Referenced from: /Users/safri-player/build-Safri-Desktop-Debug/bin/Safri-Player
     Reason: no suitable image found.  Did find:
       /usr/local/lib/libPluginSystem.1.dylib: stat() failed with errno=13

    The whole projects is compiling without failures. All *.dylib files are built. The links / include statements in the using *.pro file should be correct. I have absolutely no idea what's going wrong. Every help is appreciated!!

    Thanks very much in advance,

  • Hi, when stat() fails with errno=13, usually it's a permissions problem,
    you can test in Terminal:
    chmod 755 /usr/local/lib
    and then try run your project again.

  • Thanks a lot! This hint was expedient.

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