On Redhat 6.6, execute standalone made by QT5.4 causing black screen

  • I'm using QT 5.4.2 for development
    After deployment, the standalone program works on most of Linux platform except RedHat 6.6
    Once I execute the program, my screen becomes full-screen black, and I can use Alt+F4 to go back desktop
    I already tried the same standalone program on RH 6.5,7.0 and last version of Cents.
    It works properly

    Then I tried to use QT4 to deploy my program, but there were some lib difference in between so I could not successfully deploy it.
    I wrote a small test program and use QT4 to deploy on RH6.6.
    It can work without black screen.

    Right now I can't modify my code without QT creator under QT4, but I couldn't find and download QT4 - QT creator.
    Does anyone have similar experience and can give me some suggestion?