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Qt 5.4.2 Mac OSX Offline Installer defect? -> qt_menu.nib missing

  • Hi!

    I'm using Qt in conjunction with Python and PyQt. Now, I'm trying to create a PyQt app bundle on Mac OS 10.10.4, but it seems as if a directory called "qt_menu.nib" is missing. I can't find it anywhere. Also, the packaging application searches for Qt in '/Library/Frameworks', but the installer copied everything into '/Users/<username>/Qt5.4.2'. I tried to find an answer, but the only thing I could found was that someone said, one should install qt from source as 'framework'.

    What is this and why doesn't the pre-build installer for Mac do this automatically?

    Have I done something wrong while installing the library? Can someone tell me what I can do about the missing 'qt_menu.nib' thing?


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