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QWebEngineView inside of QWidget

  • Hey Qt Community,

    I was trying to create a QWebEngineView inside of an custom QWidget,
    and simply add it to it's layout.

    But for some reason, it won't update properly.

    If I add the QWebEngineView directly into a QMainWindow, everything wors fine.

    Am I missing something in custom QWidgets class?

    Example code:

    class WWebBrowser : public QWidget
    	WWebBrowser(QWidget *parent = (QWidget *)NULL);
    	virtual ~WWebBrowser();
    WWebBrowser::WWebBrowser(QWidget *parent) : QWidget(parent)
    	QVBoxLayout *l = new QVBoxLayout();
    	QWebEngineView *m_webView = new QWebEngineView(parent);
    	l->addWidget(m_webView, 1);

    Any suggestions / ideas?

  • Well, it was caused by a QGraphicsEffect on the QWidget.
    After removing it, the QWebEngineView worked without any flaws. weird.

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