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Using Gradle to build Qt C++ app

  • I am interest in using Gradle to replace qmake for building a Qt C++ application, continuous integration. Gradle's support for "regular" C++ apps looks good. I believe Gradle is already used for building part of the Android Qt applications.

    I have searched online and cannot find any information regarding this topic, does anyone know if this is possible or may be possible in the "near" future?

    Im on Windows 7 x64 with Qt5.5 mingw mainly but also use Arch Linux x64.

  • I have the same issue.
    Gradle 2.5 supports continuous building and I decided to switch the build from qmake to Gradle(Qbs doesn't support continuous builds).
    There doesn't seem to be any plugin.
    I see only 2 solutions:

    • Have a gradle task that runs qmake on project files and mention the moc files in there as sources but you will not have the advantage of proper caching and dependency management, probably error prone in some edge cases.
    • Implement a gradle plugin that simulates the tasks qmake does - especially for a person that doesn't develop qmake, this would be very cumbersome to do right. Some colleagues of mine did this for a Windows build system, if I remember correctly it took them ~1-2 months...
      They were not familiar with Qt and qmake when they started but at the same time, they are paid to do this all day.

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