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ui_*.h files are not generated

  • Hi everybody,
    I experience strange issue.

    I use qt 5.4.2, vs 2010. QTDir variable and path for Qt5 vs addin is set to correct Qts.

    When I compile project with installed Qt everything is ok but if I build them from source and compile project, ui_*.h files are not generated at all!

    Does anybody know where could be problem?

    thanks Jozef

  • Sounds like your .ui files aren't being processed by uic.
    You probably forgot to add them to FORMS in your .pro file,
    providing that you are using qmake that is.

  • ui_.h files will created aftrer first build

    • comment lines where use any ui_.h
    • build project
    • uncomment
    • ????
    • profit


    There should never be any need to comment out ui_includes.h.
    If the code does not compile whit them enabled, then it means
    that the build system is fucked up and is running uic at the wrong

    You didn't forget to run qmake did you?

  • Problem was missing unicode libraries while using qt built with -icu support.

    my fault..

    Thanks @Huulivoide for help!

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