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Using Assimp C++ Classes in Qt 5.5

  • Hi!
    Anyone try load 3D Models in C++ Using the Assimp modules in Qt 5.5?
    I dont find any reference about it on docs...

    Kind Regards.

  • I played with it a little bit. After going through the examples, I think that you use Qt3D::QSceneLoader to load in files using:

    I also hope that they unlock ObjLoader so that we can get vertex data directly.
    Qt3D::ObjLoader objLoader;

    I'm having problems in which examples don't even run. The following line seems to make setRootEntity(...) hang on zwWaitForSingleObject on ntdll.
    engine.registerAspect(new Qt3D::QRenderAspect());

    UPDATE (7/14/15):
    I got examples to run and show a torus. I didn't call QWindow::create(). I have not been able to get QSceneLoader to actually load and show a file. The status() always shows "loading" and nothing ever shows up using multiple model files (dae and b3d)

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