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Improving Skills Qt

  • Hi

    I am originally a game dev and Qt is the first non-for-game framework i learned. I want to further improve my skills. So i decided to write a program that is totally nonsense and serves no purpose but uses many Qt related features.

    So i have learned many things but have some questions in mind. These are :
    Note: Since this is for learning, do not consider this is hard or whatsoever, just tell me what to learn, do.

    1. Which method to use for storing passwords and such?
    2. Which method to use for encryption?
    3. How to store safely inside an sql file. Sql related and Qt related safety measures?
    4. How to store and load translation related files? Also what method to use in case loading fails?(Hardcoding english translations maybe)

  • @Corpse0327

    As far as I understand and know in general there is no anything specific for 1-3 in Qt.
    So basically it is the same as with non Qt.

    Specific usage cases may be googled.
    For example:

    1. is explained well in documentation:

    In short if there is no translation, String used in the code will be used.
    You can even provide English translation if you want.

    For example I can write
    QString s = tr("Kitty");
    And provide translation file which would display "Doggy" instead of kitty.

  • Now i got another question. I tried using QNetworkConfigurationManager.

    If connection situation changes program succesfully sends a signal. The signal is onlineStateChanged(bool)

    If i use QNetworkConfigurationManager::isOnline() function inside a constructor. It fails. Maybe a bug?

    Here is my code inside constructor :

    networkConfigurationManager = new QNetworkConfigurationManager(this);
    // If there is network connection, close the program
    if(networkConfigurationManager->isOnline() == true)

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