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Qt Quick GridLayout how to set item to column and row like qt widgets?

  • Hi,

    Im newbie to Qt Quick, I choosed it because it have animations, scalability and easy porting to mobile devices.

    But Im very confused how works layouts. Its not like Qt widgets.

    I'm trying to make Grid with 2 columns and few rows. First column used by icon and second for text.. how to make text for example in third row dynamicly changing height. This grid should have 250px width...

    Example image:
    Red rectangle means dynamic text...

    I can't figure out how GridLayout works... this code not working :/

    Thanks for help!

  • Moderators

    @glararan IMO it would be better to use a ListView with a custom delegate consisting of those items i.e Image on left side with Text items anchored to its right.

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