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Using Qt installer framework online

  • I am checking with the online example of ifw 2.0 and try to connect to an FTP server.
    So far I have managed to create the repository and copied this to the FTP site.
    The modified config.xml is below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Name>Online Installer Example</Name>
        <Title>Online Installer Example</Title>
        <Publisher>The Qt Company</Publisher>
        <!-- Directory name is used in component.xml -->
        <StartMenuDir>Qt IFW Examples</StartMenuDir>
                     <DisplayName>Example repository</DisplayName>

    When starting the installer and try to access the repository, it is not working directly. When pressing "next" I receive a prompt for username and password. This is even when the username and password is already given as here in the config.xml. The prompt will reoccur even when the correction username password is used. Apperently all this in an endless loop.

    However, when entering the settings on main screen, I can select and test the repository successfully. When pressing test, the username/password dialog is already filled with those details.

    Certainly, I can remove username and password from config.xml, but this does not change the responses for the installation. Again, apparently endless dialog asking for username and password.
    When testing the repository certainly I have to set now username and password, but the whole installer is now crashing.