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Cross compile for LInux on windows machine

  • Hello,

    I understand that for creating Qt application on windows for a linux target there are the following steps:

    1. configure Qt source
    2. build Qt source
    3. create mkspec for the target
    4. Build the Qt application

    I already used LInux development station for :

    1. build Qt sources
      I would like to ask if I can use the build in Linux , so that I can jump to step 4 above, or do I still need to do all of the above steps mentioned before .

    Thank you,

  • I belive the easiest way to compile for Linux is to install Linux.
    As far as I know, no ready Linux cross compile suites exist for Windows.

    Just install some Linux distribution in Virtualbox and compile the thing.
    Better even make it an opensource project, slack it in some public
    repository and the users can compile it themselves.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I already have a working linux (Ubunto) development station for Qt.
    The thing is that I was requested to prepare another development station, this time for windows.
    I did found some 2-3 posts in which someoone said that he did made it work, but unfortunately there is no tutorial or wiki on this.
    Trying to do that myself, I encounter many "challenges". At the buttom line, I still can't make it work.


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