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WebEngine - Screen Tearing

  • I'm writing an application that uses the Qt WebEngine to display division standings of a tournament. If the size of the standings web page is too tall for the screen, I'm using animation and transforms to scroll the webpage. It fills the screen, and works well.

    Recently I've got a new computer and screen to display the standings on. The screen is 2160x3840 (4k portrait). The computer is an Intel Broadwell NUC (NUC5i5RYK). Its running Kubuntu 15.04. I've been noticing a fair amount of tearing when the information is scrolling on the screen.

    I've turned off KDE compositing, and desktop effects, and while that did help minimize the tearing I've still got some.

    Is there a way to make the WebEngine redraw in a manner that will eliminate the tearing? Or am I at the mercy of KDE or X11? Honestly, I'm not sure where to start looking.


    Edit: This is strictly a c++ Qt app.

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