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[VS Addin] QRC Resource file not being recompiled after changing a resource file

  • Hello,

    I'm having issues understanding why my resources.qrc is not being recompiled when one of the resources is being updated. I have an XML file that when modified does not trigger the rcc.exe, so we changed the additional dependencies to list the XML file a few months ago and it seemed to have fixed the issue but this morning the overnight build had failed because the XML file had been modified but rcc.exe didn't trigger, which fortunately got caught by one of our unit tests.

    When it doesn't work, the only way to fix it is to manually right click on the .qrc file and compile it (or alternatively do a full rebuild). The thing is that it works most of the time but when it doesn't it just silently ignores the qrc file, thinking all is up to date (which is false).

    I'm using Visual Studio 2013 with the VS Addin 1.2.4 and Qt 5.4.1. The project is compiled on Mac as well via .pro files and this has never been an issue, it's only on Windows. My guess would be that either Visual Studio is doing something weird or the VS Addin, or a combination of both...

    Is anybody else having trouble with this or has anybody got a solution / workaround for it?