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cross compile for ARM on windows

  • Hello,

    I would like to ask if there is some guidance or tutorial on how to cross compile for embedded ARM from windows host machine.
    I've found the following, but it seems to be relevant for linux only.
    ](link url)
    How for example I should create to qmake in windows ?

    Thank you,

  • I gave in and used Oracle VM virtual box to create a Ubuntu VM on Windows 8. While it CAN be done on Windows, all the online help is Linux based. However, I still port code into VS2010 under Qt Creator for easier debugging in Windows and then make the required Linux changes after the functionality is there.

    I am running 2.6.x on a Samsung Arm920 series.

    First get the CodeSourcery compiler, then cross-compile Qt, then download Qt Creator for Ubuntu, then start app development.

  • Hi,
    Do I need to cross compile the sources (Qt 4.8.1) in windows even though I already have them cross compiled in Linux ? (can't I just copy that tree instead)
    I have real trouble with preparing the windows environment. It feels like inventing the wheel.
    I need to prepare it for windows group who does not want to "dirty" their hands with linux staff. They don't understand why this is a difficult task. In theory they are right. Qt was expected to be platform independent. Why there is no decent tutorial for that.
    As to GDB, I had trouble even on ubuntu with the GDB of Qt. Do you think I can use eclipse for gdb remote denugging of Qt application ?

    Thanks for the time,

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