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Unable to build Android APK in Qt Creator

  • I am trying to build an android APK in Qt Creator 3.4.1 . I have properly given the configured Android SDK (from an Android Studio installation), NDK, Ant, Java Jdk. In Build Android APK step under Build there is a option to specify Android Build SDK i.e target SDK. I am currenty using API 21 but it i am not getting an option to specify it over there.
    In a user told about the 10secs limit to get the targets list: if I launch "android list targets" under cmd, it needs almost 17-18secs to get the list.
    GIven that this is a sideffect-problem that makes qt Creator give up the getting of apis, why a so long time to get this list? Could it be some wrong or missing path somewhere?
    Is it possible to increment this 10secs via patch or make it editable in some settings file?
    Thank you for your help.

  • Just if someone could need it in the future, I will say how I solved this issue:

    1. my company's IT office man uninstalled the enterprise antivirus we are using
    2. I opened Qt Creator, went to the buid settings of the chosen kit in Projects, and selected the Android Build SDK under Build Android APK: this time it was filled with the installed APIs (chose android-21)
    3. I closed Qt Creator
    4. IT man re-installed the antivirus
    5. I re-opened Qt Creator and all is working fine. Also writing "adnroid list targets" in cmd is really fast (1 sec vs 17 secs).
      Bye everybody

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