qwt log scale Limits

  • Hi,

    I am plotting a curve with magnitude in dBs and frequency from 0Hz to 20Khz on linear scale. I generate a simple linear frequency array. Now I want to view my Curve on a typical log scale that is used in audio players. But I don't know how ?

    I tried adding this to my code.

    QwtLog10ScaleEngine *qwtlog = new QwtLog10ScaleEngine();
         plot->setAxisScaleEngine(QwtPlot::xBottom, qwtlog);

    This does work but my x axis scale starts at 1E-100 and ends at 1. I want to change its limits so that it goes from 0 to 20KHz like this


    Thank you.

  • Moderators

    Hi and welcome to devnet

    Did you try already autoScale()?

    PS: I will move your thread to "3rd Party Software", where threads concerning QWT can be found.
    Furthermore, it is also a good idea to post in QWT mailing list. There you might a better response than here in this forum.

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