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Windows 7 features such as TaskBarProgress?

  • Dear community,

    In C++ there are some good extensions to Qt to support the features of Windows 7 such as the progress bar in the task bar.
    Strix Q7 Goodies:

    Is there any way in PySide/PyQt to get such features for Win 7 users? (especially the progress bar in the task bar)

  • Porting them would be an option

  • Sure there is a way to build this (for Python): build it yourself using the Windows 7 API's.

    It is a pitty the Q7Goodies you linked to are non-free software (and one of the demo's crashes immediately on startup), even though at the top it states "Download now, it's free!".

  • Well, I guess they mean "free" in the money sense, not the liberty...
    Anyway, porting this one, another one, or even building it from scratch in Qt or Python, I was just wondering if someone already did it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary knowledge to do it by myself...
    But I hope it will be possible in PySide one day!

  • Not even that. It is just a 30 day limited demo.

    Edit: Off topic:
    I don't like Windows 7' taskbar at all. I find it very confusing what is a running application and what is a button that will start one, and I find the lack of text next to it annoying.

  • We provide PyQt bindings to Q7Goodies too. If you are developing a commercial application and don't mind buying a library then probably PyQ7Goodies is the easiest way to go.

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