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Insert item into model displayed with ListView QML component

  • Hi

    I have a simple model shown in a ListView The model is actually a vector of messages that should appear in the list. This is how I try currently to insert a new message:

    void MessagesModel::insertMessage(Message *newMsg)
          QMutexLocker locker(&_messagesMutex);
          int rowPos = _messages.count();
          //emit layoutAboutToBeChanged();
         beginInsertRows(QModelIndex(), rowPos, rowPos);
        //emit layoutChanged();

    However, when I try to insert a new message the entire application blocks. If I use the commented lines instead (emit layoutAboutToBeChanged(), etc) the message is inserted but the item height in the ListView is not correctly detected and in some cases I get overlapped items (each message contains text, but the number of lines vary). Could someone explain what I am doing wrong and suggest a solution ?


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