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I want to use libvlc with qt

  • I want to use libvlc with qt that can help me and my donnet depuit step to do the installation libqt ... execution of Application (ubuntu 14.04)

  • Hi,
    I'm using LibVLC on Mac / Win and Debian in Qt base application and it do work just fine everywhere.

    On Win and Mac just download VLC Player and use SDK that is inside package, on Ubuntu install dev. libVlc from repository, add includes and libs to Your project and Your are done.

  • @LuGRU big thnaks to you I am a beginner you can give me the command to follow + sample code. I have installed dev libvlc but I know the enplacement of the lib and include 'the path'

  • This is broad subject and what I can recommend is to just google it (i.e. "libvlc example code").
    Also take a look at Qt wrapper for libVlc - - repo. contains also example usage of widget base classes to i.e. display video etc. I think that using this library will be easier for the beginner.

  • thanks for you i have installed libvlc dev and it work but when i run application give me this erreur
    /home/lyr/qtvlc/vlc_on_qt.h:32: error: 'libvlc_exception_t' does not name a type
    libvlc_exception_t *_vlcexcep;
    and errur point in this line: libvlc_exception_t _vlcexcep;

    my object is : rtp/rtsp streaming player

  • Missing include?

  • @LuGRU
    #include <vlc/vlc.h>

    #include <QWidget>
    //#include <QX11EmbedContainer>

    class QVBoxLayout;
    class QPushButton;
    class QTimer;
    class QFrame;
    class QSlider;

    #define POSITION_RESOLUTION 10000

    class Player : public QWidget
    QSlider *_positionSlider;
    QSlider *_volumeSlider;
    // [20101201 Ondra Spilka]
    // on Linux/Ubuntu Lucid and VLC >= 1.0 (at least 1.1.5 was tested) XWindow handle have to be passed
    // therefore QX11EmbedContainer have to be used instead of QFrame
    #ifdef Q_WS_X11
    QX11EmbedContainer *_videoWidget;
    QFrame *_videoWidget;
    QTimer *poller;
    bool _isPlaying;
    libvlc_exception_t _vlcexcep;
    libvlc_instance_t *_vlcinstance;
    libvlc_media_player_t *_mp;
    libvlc_media_t *_m;

    void raise(libvlc_exception_t * ex);

    public slots:
    void playFile(QString file);
    void updateInterface();
    void changeVolume(int newVolume);
    void changePosition(int newPosition);


  • there is no file with this name libvlc_exception.h
    in /usr/include/vlc

  • Your example is from : ?
    If so then this example uses libVlc version 1.1.5 and in Your repo there is probably already version 2.X with You installed that's why this error happens.


    1. use examples for version 2.x
    2. install version 1.X dev packages

    PS. I would strongly recommend for You to use Qt libvlc wrapper from here: . There are already compiled libraries plus this lib contains wrapper for QWidget that will display video. Later on, when You are more familiar with libvlc and qt, You will need to implement such widget yourself because that library has some limitations i..e no access to video frames (although I was using it long time ago so it may already changed).

  • big thanks .
    yes i use this example
    is what you can give me the steps to run and devloper with vlc-qt, because what I am doing some thing without result.
    my steps:
    add-apt-repository ppa:ntadej/tano
    apt-get install libvlc-qt-core1 libvlc-qt-widgets1 libvlc-qt-dbg libvlc-qt-dev

    but whene i want to run example from here
    white this command ;1 qmake and 2 make give me erreur
    EqualizerDialog.cpp:7:30: fatal error: vlc-qt/Equalizer.h: No such file or directory

  • You don't need to include repo. - but I suspect that would be easier for You then manually set those paths.

    Error is related to missing include (either path or file is missing), I don't use that widget so I can't help You but error that You are experiencing is normal include issue (path issue).

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