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[Moved] does QTableWidget::clear() also delete QTableWidgetItems ?

  • I have a QTableWidget which I dynamically build and re-biuld.
    I call MyClass::reset() on every re-build where I do QTableWidget::clear ().
    Does that also clear (ie free memory) for every QTableWidgetItem constructed for table's cells?
    Or do I need to delete these explicitly?

    Here's a code snippet

    QTableWidget *tableWidget_channels;


    QTableWidgetItem *ChannelItem = new QTableWidgetItem(tr("%1").arg(chan+1));
    ... a lot more of these

    void MyClass::reset()
    tableWidget_channels->clearContents(); // are items deleted too?

  • QTableWidget takes ownership of these items, so you can rely on the items being deleted properly.

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