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QT Creator needs dll's in debug folder

  • Hello,

    I'm refreshing my experience in using qt to build opencv applications and had quite a little trouble to get everything compiled (for opencv done with visual studio) and working.

    Now I'm on the point to get everything build without errors when I discovered the following behavior:

    I linked the opencv libraries in project-file with the -L-Parameter to the lib-Folder because linking to bin folder does not work (by the way what's the difference between lib and bin ?)

    LIBS += -LC:\TEMP\opencv_bin\install\x86\vc11\lib -lopencv_highgui2411d -lopencv_core2411d

    When I want to run or debug (it doesn't matter) application output says me that application has crashed. I could figure it down that the libraries were not found and so I tried to copy all my needed dlls to "debug"-Folder with result that everything works as it should.

    As I read in this Thread this should only be necessary when I want to run the exe file.

    Has Anyone an idea why this happens, how to avoid it or as workaround if there's an possibility to always copy the needed dll's to application folder?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • You can add the directory with the DLLs to your PATH. You can do this on the Projects page under Build Environment.

  • That helped! Thank you.

    I thought I've done this already.

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