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no submit data with editable QComboBox

  • Hello!

    I have got a problem with a editable combobox that is mapped with a QSqlRelationalTableModel.

    First is create the model and set the relation:

    mModelVoucherPos = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(this, ConnProjectDB::db());
    mModelVoucherPos->setRelation(mModelVoucherPos->fieldIndex("CostCenterKey"), QSqlRelation("vCostCenter","CcKey","text"));

    Than I map the data with the QComboBox:

    mMapVoucherPos=new QDataWidgetMapper(this);
    mMapVoucherPos->setItemDelegate(new QSqlRelationalDelegate(mMapVoucherPos));

    With "mMapVoucherPos->submit();" I submit the data to the QSqlite-Database.

    It works very well if the combobox is not editable. If I set the combobox editable and open the dialog, the right data is shown in the combobox, but if I submit the column is empty. If I choose any data in the popup-list of the combobox and submit the data the right data is in the database.

    If I only open the dialog and close it (including "submit") the data of the combobox is deleted in the database. If I open the dialog and edit the combobox, the right data is in the database.

    Has anybody an idea why I loose the data of the editable combobox?

    Thank you!


  • I am not sure,
    but I guess editable combobox does not update model until editingFinished signal is emmited for
    QLineEdit * QComboBox::lineEdit ()

  • Ok, but if I use the editable combobox without a relation (e.g. a stringlist), than everything works too.

    Is it possible that there is a additional thing I have to regard using relations?

  • @Mr.-Kibu said:


    I do not have experience with QDataWidgetMapper,
    and not sure I understand the logic correctly but it seems you may try to map QLineEdit provided by combobox instead of combobox itself. According to what I read in documentation this may be a solution.

  • I can map like this:


    and the combobox in the dialog shows the right value, but I cannot submit to the model!