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QMediaPlayer - bad video performance on Windows and wrong colors

  • Hello

    In my QT5 (C++) project I use QMediaPlayer to play a video file and QVideoProbe to grab single frames.

    The video file is displayed on a QGraphicsView as a QGraphicsVideoItem. The grabbed frames are displayed on another QGraphicsView.

    The same code is running on Linux and Windows on the same system. But on Linux the performance is much better than on Windows. When I try to play the video file in normal speed the QGraphicsView stays black but the video progress slider keeps moving. When I play the video on half speed the video is getting displayed.

    Another problem is, that the colors in the video are wrong on Windows. It seems that the color chanels are swaped. Blue gets yellow and yellow gets blue. Red seems to be OK (maybe).
    For example a red umbrella gets purple or a blue box gets yellow.

    Do I need some extra codec or a special hardware accellerated version of QT?

    I search already for this problems but I didn't find anything.

    My test files are MP4 files from a Bebop Drone. But I also have these problems with other formats from other devices.